Woofcast #24

We’re back with a whole bunch of show for you tonight…

-Gabe doesn’t drive like a sissy mary
-Todd’s MINI is making funny noises. So is Todd
-Our take on theAWD MINI. You can download the Getrag PDF here.
-We also discuss Brand History and VW
-Word on the ’07 and getting behind the wheel.
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-Todd’s a little freaky with the transformer robot
-Feedback about last weeks show? You know what to do.

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14 replies on “Woofcast #24”

  1. I don’t know about RWD in the snow personally. While Gabe’s statements make sense, my Cavalier Z-24 got around a lot better in the snow then my Cougar does (wacky torque steer sled). All I’m sayin’ is, how many rally cars do you see with RWD equipped? Unless Gabe is willing to lend me his 3-series as a tester… 😀

  2. Well WRC cars are AWD since that is the ultimate set-up in mixed conditions. So I wouldn’t say RWD is the optimal solution. But for more experienced in snowy conditions (IE those of us who spent many years in lake effect snow zones or in mountainous regions) a well balanced RWD car with snow tires offers better drivability than a fwd (nose heavy) car.

    Now this comparison doens’t work with muscle cars so don’t try at home!

  3. Word.

    It just occurred to me that I once saw a video of a Saleen F1 car doing a run in the snow (it might have been a Top Gear clip, but I don’t recall) but I can’t find the thing any more. It was pretty nifty though.

  4. Ok ok ok…I promise to try the WP Plug-in you made this week!

    I didn’t expect everyone to enjoy last weeks show, but the lack of comments had me wondering. I know that more than 1 or 2 people didn’t care for it, so that’s what I was looking for.

    Oh yea, don’t forget to take the survey! 😉

  5. I completely agree with Gabe on snow driving. I had an E36 328i before I had my MINI, and that car with snow tires and old school traction control was awesome. Heck, I would take my BMW with snow tires over just about any all wheel drive SUV with all season tires any day of the week in snowy conditions.

    The MINI is actually not the easiest car to drive in the snow. It just understeers SO much (my front drive Toyota Matrix is easier to drive in the snow). Good thing it comes standard with a handbrake.

    My one disclaimer is that I don’t have DSC on my MINI (I only have the basic ASC). Maybe the DSC makes all the difference in the world.

  6. I shouldn’t talk because I’ve only driven my MINI in the snow once in two and a half years but all the FWD Hondas I’ve owned drove like champs in even heavy snows.

    The RWD cars I owned were a 1974 Cadillac Sedan de Ville and a 1986 Ford Ranger and they would both break loose on the back end at the mere thought of 1/2″ of snow.

    I’m just talking from my experience.

    Your mileage may vary. 😀

  7. DSC saved my *ass* this morning. I went into a slightly down-hill right-hand turn at my typical speed (which was apparently too fast for salt-dusted roads with probably a layer of frost underneath) and found myself all crossed up and heading toward a Pathfinder as the back end broke loose. Even though I never touched the brakes, I heard the ABS grinding away… *pucker*

  8. IKEA Runs in the MINI…lol
    I see more and more at IKEA each week!
    Ikea sells a leather kit for their sofas , works great for the MINI/BMW leather and much cheaper then anything else.
    Snow tires are a must for any BMW, RWD.
    You could drive through a blizzard, I have in My 5 series.

    Gabe, don’t let them hack on IKEA, we know they love it (db, todd)

    I thought of the Ipod video link to nav along time ago, Mikeythemini, where are you??

    I have the brake noise, someone taped it on NAM, to take to your dealer,check it out.

    How could i join you on Sunday?

  9. Hey, all about Ikea here. I have one 5 minutes from my office that I visit at least once a month. I just like to give Gabe a hard time on occassion 🙂

    So, from what I can tell, if you’re rear-drive automobile isn’t a BMW with snow tires, you are better off with front wheel drive in the snow?

  10. Yea, snow tire don’t hurt regardless, front or rear, its the weight transfer thing, tirerack talks about it, If a MINI had snow tires it would improve on stoping 50%, nose heavy would not be a problem, remember BMW RWD are made for the snow, you just have to have the right tires, so you don’t spin out. Blizzarks are a must for any heavy snow areas!
    If you have the extra cash $400 plus.
    Much love to IKEA. lol

    I could help on sundays or what ever day?

  11. FYI – I had the pleasure of driving in about 10 inches of snow in both my MINI and my RWD 3 series. No question, hands down the BMW was the superior car in the snow. The MINI is great in a straight line but you’ll have to use the e-brake quite a bit to get around corners at anything other than an absolute crawl. The RWD BMW (w/snow tires) has such perfect balance that it just hooks up much easier. You can also easily modulate the throttle and steering input to make the car do what want.

    Fun stuff!

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