Woofcast #240

Gabe\'s expensive pickFun and games during our most recent live show. We all picked two cars, one priced at $10K or less, and the other at $30K or less. I think you’ll enjoy our picks. And, another great reason why you don’t want to miss our live shows. I would have put the links back, but they were all already dead.

Then we spent some time answering questions from our live audience. Again, another reason why you don’t want to miss us live. So, we are going to give you another chance.

We will be recording this coming Saturday at 8am PST/ 10am CST / 11am EST / 4pm (I think) GMT. More details will follow later in the week. Keep an eye on the sites toward the end of the week for more details.

Woofcast 240:

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  1. Props for originality guys, but seriously Gabe?

    Time Magazine’s 32nd (of 50) worst car of all time…the Ferrari Mondial 8.

    “Even the legendary Italian sports car company whiffs once in a while, and the first Ferrari Mondial was a big red disaster. Based on the 308 chassis, this large and relatively heavy 2+2 coupe had a mere 214 hp on tap from its transversely mounted, mid-engine V8, and its transistor-based electronics had more bugs than a Barstow motel rollaway. Eventually, every single system would fail, not infrequently accompanied by the smell of burning wires. The factory-authorized service, meanwhile, was more like factory-authorized extortion. It hasn’t helped the Mondial reputation that it was one of the “cheap” Ferraris, within reach of a reasonably successful orthodontist. Mondials eventually got much better. They could hardly get worse.”

    Fun stuff 😉

  2. Of course the Mondial is a terrible car that’s one of the reasons I picked it.

    Remember, the challenge wasn’t to find something you’d own and drive every day 🙂 If that was the case I’d have gone with something entirely (ENTIRELY!!!) different.

  3. You know what? The Solara is a very good car considering it’s a Toyota. It has a little more soul than a Camary and only looks like a old dudes car when painted that horrible Gold color.

    I mean, they also made it purple! How bad could it be if they paint it purple from the factory?

  4. Gabe,

    In this podcast, your audio seems louder than Todd and DB, and the treble seems over boosted. High’s seem to hiss. Hope you can fix this before the next podcast.

  5. Thanks Scott for the feedback. Todd and I talked about that very issue this week. The harsh sound came from the filter that usually removes the hiss. It worked a bit more agressesively than normal.

    Should be ok for this week.

  6. Enjoyed the show very much, but I’m a little surprised that no one picked a 1st gen Miata (NA) for their “cheap” car. Good, clean examples are pretty easy to find. They’re at least as much fun to drive as Minis, if not more so.

    As for Gabe’s Solara selection, I give half a cheer. The correct choice would have been a 2000 Solara SE V6 with a 5MT. Yes, a MT was available with the V6, but they’re very rare. The MT completely changes the character of the Solara. Add the TRD lowering springs, a thicker TRD rear sway bar, and it becomes a very competent sport coupe. Loads of rear seat room, too. (Full disclosure: Yes, I’ve just described the Solara I used to own. I really miss that car.)

  7. >As for Gabe’s Solara selection,

    That was me picking the Solara. I do remember the SE V6, but couldn’t find one. Dang.

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