Woofcast #246

Yes, you heard me correctly. This was take 2. The live audience actually got to listen to us record this episode, in full length, twice. It worked out because it turned out to be a better show.

Tonight we spend some time talking about Hypermiling. Links? Oh, you betcha.

There is the Hypermiling.com site. My suggestions and techniques came from this page.

And there is this article at Edmunds which has a few more extreme examples. Todd was working from this.

Even more good techniques can be found here too. The things we do to save gas.

Of course, you could always use public transportation, ride a bike or walk. But where’s the challenge there?

If you are going to do your own math to compute your MPG, here is the math again, in case you missed it.

Total miles driven / total gallons used = MPG

Woofcast 246:

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2 replies on “Woofcast #246”

  1. A few things:

    Do you get better mileage if you short shift (shift at 1500RPM rather than 3000)?

    When the Classic Mini was in its dying days (no jokes please) it came with 145/12 tyres. An option was the Sport Pack which used 175/13 tyres and bulgy wheel arches. The top speed and fuel mileage were reduced by the increase in drag.

    I remember reading an article from the SAE (I think) where the guy that designed the Viper helped a solar racer team. He was shocked at 1) the speed that they could get around corners without rolling or trashing their tyres and 2) the speed they could get with such small amounts of energy. He felt that, if he could do it again, he would use much narrower tyres on the Viper.

    (Even the portly Volvo T5R used 205/17s)

    Less show, more go.


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