Woofcast #247, take 2

Last week was Todd, this week was me. Sorry for the delay in getting the show into the feed!

I say it’s Woof 247, but really, it’s not. With MTTS right around the corner, and this being Memorial Day weekend in the US, we decided to take the week off. Not to worry, I pulled a couple of great shows out of the archives for you. Tonight, let’s go back to 06/05/06 for Woof 66 where we learn, among other things, that Gabe can’t whistle. Full notes below.

We will be back next week to get warmed up for MTTS, plus we have another interview scheduled with Gina Koutrous from MINIUSA that will be going up later this week or the first part of next.

Woofcast 66

Server issues…geek stuff…blah blah blah…geek stuff…blah blah blah. Anyway, there were issues most of yesterday that didn’t get corrected until early this morning.

We do actually cover the news of the week and then some, but first…

Gabe can’t whistle? But he can snap like a MoFo! db rants on traffic and waking up early. Todd has nothin’ but a pair of fuzzy slippers and a robe and some cool special effects. Oh yea, Gabe drops a joke bomb.

Then we cover news of the week. Want to see what made db giggle? Check it. Oh yea, don’t forget to check out the Stracco interview if you haven’t already.

Woofcast 247:

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