Woofcast #25

This time with a little help from Michael Babischkin, ace moderator and administrator from NAM filling in for Gabe.

-We pick on Todd.
-It should be ToddTodd, not TomTom
-We talk about the benefits of changing the factory airbox to an aftermarket cold air intake
-Check out outmotoring for a fine selection
-db was a little sick and VERY slow on the mute button tonight.
Michael covers the big news stories from Motoringfile including:
-JCW for the MCSa
-The next generation engine
-A little bit of info on the ’07. Micheal says duh.
-Easier to hit pedestrians?
We interview “Fireball” Tim Lawrence of FTR
-What’s coming up for Tim and FTR
-FTR Forums. Click here to check ’em out!
-Some juicy info on the M600
-Some top secret stuff. Oh wait, Tim didn’t share that.

Again, thanks to Michael for filling in for Gabe, who will be back next week. Don’t forget to take the survey and join the frappr!

Todd did the hard part
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16 replies on “Woofcast #25”

  1. What intakes are you guys using? If you said, I missed it (and I’m too lazy to rewind).

    I kind of like the K&N intake (I’ve got an MCS) but that weird hose hanging out next to the filter puts me off…

  2. I’m using the K&N Typhoon on my MC and I think Todd has the Alta.

    I’ve seen the K&N for the MCS and like it fine. If I ever upgrade my car, that will be the intake I use. 🙂

  3. It just looks weird to me. I kind of thought that the bumper-level intake on the S provided some kind of forced supply to the airbox, but many of the aftermarket ones seem to ignore it. K&N’s short tube blows the air in the general direction of the filter, and the Alta and BMP kind of put the filter on top of that outlet.

    I initially thought the K&N was quite a bit more expensive than the Alta, but once you buy that silly silicone hose for the Alta, you’re fifty bucks over the cost of the K&N. The K&N’s available on eBay for about $180. Once Christmas is past, perhaps.

    Gotta prioritize my mods; wheels and tires, pulley, and now an intake. I also need a harness for track days, and maybe a sway bar. Damn. And I promised myself I was just gonna drive this thing, instead of futzing with it! 🙂

  4. I’ve seen about every intake on the market and I’ve gotta to disagree with the statement that they’re all good. There are a couple out there that look like highschool shop projects gone bad. I think if you stick with the big names you’ll be alright. JCW, Promini, Alta, Dinan all do good work. I’ve never been a big K&N fan (mostly due to their bad rep by a few techs I know) but their MCS intake doesn’t look bad. I haven’t seen their MC intake but if DB likes it then it must do the trick.

  5. One of the reasons I like the K&N is it does come with a million mile warranty. And, like I mentioned, I’m an old V-8 hot rod guy and always used K&N filters on those cars.

  6. I like the simplicity of the K&N intake (despite the “extra” tube). I’m not sure what benefit is derived from the box around the Alta intake, for example. Is that intended to draw air from the cowl? Does it do a better job of that vs. the K&N? Also, if there *is* any benefit to be gained from a smooth intake tube, the K&N comes with that tube, whereas Alta wants another seventy bucks for it.

  7. I’ve got the BMP/ProMINI intake on my MCS and I’m very happy with it. I think it’s the most “finished” looking intake while most others are simply a couple of metal walls and a filter. The ProMINI has some of the lowest hp numbers of all the intakes on paper but I still got a noticeable power increase and better fuel economy.

    A couple of friends have the K&N for the MCS and love them. Another owner I know has a Rogue and swears by it. I’m considering switching to the Alta just to see what all the fuss is about and if it really feels peppier than the ProMINI.

    Truely, as long as the filter itself is a quality filter, the other parts of the CAI are not rocket science. It’s a simple task of blocking out hot engine compartment air and increasing flow going into the engine. The filter itself does most of that, but additional modifications like removing the plastic at the cowl allow even more air flow a la the Alta install.

  8. I’m looking for a CAI for my ’05 MC, all the ones at Outmotering seem to be for pre ’05 MC. Any suggestions?

  9. I have a feeling that it actually might, but we’ll trust Aaron on that one

    The K&N Typhoon should fit without any problems. That BMP should fit as well. I don’t know why it won’t fit an ’05 MC.

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