Woofcast #252

Our last show before MTTS. Remember we are going to be live from the event and the road! I actually did some testing with a cell connection that you can check out below. Audio is great, video is not that hot. But, if we get a good connection on the road, we’ll try to do video as well.

About the hydrogen pumps in Southern California, check out this Gizmodo article. We spend a bit of time talking about this and what we think the next big thing is actually going to be.

We will be at MTTS at the end of the week. Stay tuned in here, MF and WR.tv for all the action. Complete details for keeping track of everything while we are there and on the road will be coming in another day or two.

And, here is the video sample. Remember, good audio, ok video.

TV Show hosted by Ustream

Until MTTS gang…

Woofcast 252:

Download | 13.3MB | 28:48 | WRR @ iTunes

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  1. Hydrogen – the problem is not distribution – its making the Hydrogen. Until they have a process that turns out the hydrogen in a clean and energy efficient way it does not matter that its clean at the car.

    Ultimately a hydrogen hybrid, or a hydrogen fuel cell generating electricity for the electric car will be the energy source. Hydrogen fuel cells give you your 5 minute “recharge” of the electric car.

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