Woofcast #254

Rauno signsThe JCW Show! We talk about the Factory JCW, the JCW Challenge Car and I give my thoughts on the R53 vs R56.

See that R/C car up there? Ridemakerz are only making a limited number of them, and they will only be available at the last 2 MTTS events!

Speaking of limited number, Todd is also selling a very limited edition Motoringbadge that is also only available on-site at MTTS. If you want one, you’d better find him early ’cause they go quick!

Woofcast 254:

Download | 16.1MB | 35:03 | WRR @ iTunes

5 replies on “Woofcast #254”

  1. Guys, concerning the factory JCW’s in SCCA.


    Horribly misclassed. I have a 2006 JCW, and because it is the only year (till now) that it was a FACTORY installation (not dealer), it’s in BS with the RX-8’s and 350Z’s.

    You will not find any JCW’s running at the national events because of this.

    We’ve been trying to get this changed, but the SEB are a bunch of assholes, and won’t budge.

  2. Todd,

    Do you have any more details on the company you mentioned that is now offering R56 ECU tuning? My Cooper S automatic has a flat spot between about 1700 and 2000 RPM under light to mid throttle that the dealer claims is just the way the car runs. I’m interested in following up with these guys who can tune the R56 ECU to see if there is anything they can do about that…

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