Woofcast #263

Before we even start, is Jennifer Garner in the house? If so, please leave a note for Todd. Moving on.

Todd has a new theme song. Practically made me choke. We were kinda on fire tonight, and you get to benefit.

Among the things we talk about is this Audi R8 that is beyond awesome. You should follow that link and check it out.

Besides Todd wanting an R8, we also talk a short bit about the upcoming Chevorlet Volt.

Todd tried out the Dynolicious iPhone App. His GP is putting out a whopping 13hp! Wooooooo! More testing will follow, don’t you worry. Have you tested it? What did you think? Leave a note or comment on Facebook page.

We finish by talking JCW. One of my favorite topics. Actually, we started talking about my experience with the Factory JCW car at MTTS and goes from there.

If you want to get any of the photos from MTTS that were taken by the photographers that were there, do yourself a favor by clicking over to mttsphotos.com. If you are looking for all of our MTTS coverage because you missed any of it, you can find it here.

Next week we will be 3. Listen in to see who if Gabe can’t make it.

Finally, how about some itunes reviews? We’re at 46 right now and we think 4 more for our 3rd birthday would be nice. While you are there, why not press the subscribe button again? You know, you are there already, so you might as well. Thanks!

Woofcast 263:

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2 replies on “Woofcast #263”

  1. Why spend all that money on the factory JCW you ask? My wife and I were going to buy a MCS Stage 1 JCW off the lot back in April (the good old days when Mini actually HAD unsold cars on the lots) and just decided to take the leap without really being able to justify it. You could spend almost as much on Nav, lounge leather seats and upgraded wheels and how do you really justify those things other than just wanting them? So we’re nav-less and have plastic seats, but the car is simply a blast to drive. Sure, the torque makes the car a handful in some lower speed situations but the power under most conditions is right there when you want it. My wife loves it as her daily driver, we’re getting over 30 MPG and it’s our fun car for weekends. A great value? probably not. Can I justify it over a MCS? not really; but I love the performance bits, the resale will be good, things will get fixed if they break for several years and if nothing else, it just sounds sooo good.

  2. I like the huge buttons…kinda like a huge speedometer! Why not style the entire WWR page to look like the MINI dash? Hmmmm…

    Do you think Jennifer Garner is sick of being asked if that’s really her name? (…just like Michael Bolton from Office Space)

    Electric NASCAR – “Gentlemen, unplug your engines!”

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