Woofcast #26

This week we discuss buying a new MINI vs. buying used.

-Todd does the movie announcer voice pretty well
-Gabe’s back!
-All info available at Kelly Blue Book
-Retail on Todd’s MINI almost the same as new!
-Retail on db’s with many miles more than anyone will pay.
-Used MINI’s cost too much.
-If you have to buy used, we give you some tips on what to watch out for. If you know of other things, feel free to leave a comment!
-We love the CVT, just not when buying used.
-If buying used, look for an enthusiast car
-Gabe was going to freestyle the news, which would have been rad
-Big news stories from Motoringfile.com
-Gabe almost got hit by a Prius because he didn’t hear it coming. Hard drive crashed the next day.
-Todd was passed by a Prius

For those of you that haven’t checked it out, we are now practically built into NorthAmericanMotoring, complete with a player so you can listen while you surf the board! Thanks Mark for hooking us up!

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Todd did the hard part
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5 replies on “Woofcast #26”

  1. Love your ‘casts !

    Used MINI’s around here are going for MORE than new ones. I think this is because the nearest dealer is over 200 miles away and folks don’t want to wait. A twin MINI to mine sold for more than $2000 over the cost of mine new at dealer.

    Sad, but I think people are buying the used MINI’s cause they can get one right now.

  2. I just checked the KBB on a similarly equipped 2K3 Chevy Cavalier – $8,500. The same Cavalier sells new for just over $18K so that’s nearly a $10,000 drop in two and a half years as opposed to the MINI’s $1,600 drop in the same time.

  3. I hope to have the link to purchase decals up in the next couple of days (not weeks). They will be $3 each or two for $5.

    I’ve been so busy completing graphics on 10 different MINIs in the last week that I haven’t had time to get the WRR decal stuff posted but it’s coming soon and they are very cool!

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