Woofcast #260

Before I start, does anyone else think it’s weird when Todd does the intro? I’m just sayin’.

Todd and Gabe again with Gabe trying to get caught up on all of things that he wanted to talk about it. Mostly about the Clubman and the JCW. It’s great to have him back this week and this is a great show that I’m sure you will enjoy!

MTTS Round 2 coverage starts this weekend with Todd in Chicago. I’ll be running things somewhat from WRR West to get those updates to you as quickly as possible. And, don’t worry. No. Video.

Woofcast 260:

Download | 10.3MB | 22:37 | WRR @ iTunes

One reply on “Woofcast #260”

  1. Another BMW podcast…….

    Was nice to hear from Gabe, again, though. Good luck with the new kiddo.

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