Woofcast #270

Tonight joined by Michael Babischkin from The Mail Buoy podcast while we talk about motoring badges on jets, Todd replacing his brakes and making funny sounds and news from Motoringfile.com. Be sure to check back tomorrow for 271. We go pretty long talking about the new Crossover concept and how we think it will affect MINI. I think we covered some great points that you might (or might not) appreciate it.

If you are one looking for the contact form, it was pointed out to me last week that there wasn’t a link to it. That has been corrected. You can also find it here.

If you are looking for a new automotive site to read, check out Ausmotive.com. Those fellas do a great job!

Twitter? I’m @dbwilldo, Todd is @toddsmods and Michael is @radiationman. And, for the record, Todd did post to his blog. 1 year and 2 days after his last post. Stick around for the next post in 2009.

Woofcast 270:

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  1. Although my personal view of the R60 is well known will be interested in your guys take on it.

    My guess from prior comments though will be that all three of you are going to be ok with this development.

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