Woofcast #272

News of the week from Motoringfile starting with some talk about the new Microsoft ads that aren’t being done anymore. And, it’s that time of the year to check your tire pressure, especially if you still have run flat tires! Don’t forget!

Be sure to click back to MF if you missed any of the news on the upcoming Paris auto show.

Woofcast 272:

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  1. Great show, but I really wish you would have more local event info. LOL!

    I agree about the Microsoft ads. Weak and quite frankly, unnecessary. Why is MS countering the Mac spots when they have such a huge market share over Apple? Do they feel threatened or is it just an ego thing?

  2. Todd, Db, Gabe, you know I guess the whole “thing” with the MINI SUV/Crossover (the story, the comments, the podcast comments on the comments, the commenting without content on the written comments of viewers putting them down, etc) has really brought to the fore something I’ve been sensing through your podcasts for the greater part of a year or so;

    `There really isn’t a lot of content in MINI news lately and your shows have suffered because of that.’

    I hate to say it, but the lack of MINI news and the frequent cheerleading for the “insert BMW marketing pitch here” … comes across as empty.

    Let me try to explain my context for that statement. I define my enjoyment of the MINI from the experience, not from the sales pitch. For me a successful automobile is not defined by sales alone. A successful car is defined by it’s place in time and what was available at that time. That success criteria also applies to the community that enjoys that automotive experience. Both when the car is built and later in life when the full context of the car can be appreciated. I used to “get that” from your podcasts. Now not so much, hence the emptiness I sense in your podcasts.

    I used to really enjoy your show for;

    – the balance of presentation
    – the support of the community’s opinions for and against.

    For the past year or so I feel that I am getting BMW/MINI Company Insider w/perks kinda info. Does that make sense? I know you have access to more BMW/MINI information and events than a mere mortal like I. It’s just that your presentation of that information isn’t adding value for me. I fully admit, that it’s my problem and “I” am not getting the value you are providing.

    I’ve been an avid listener for years and I will certainly check back with you in a couple of months. I am just gonna take a break from your podcasts. The noise to content ratio is just too high. Sorry guys, gotta call it as I see it.

    I really do appreciate all you have done over the years. Thank you for that and I do wish you guys the best.

  3. I have to correct your comments on the availability of MINI’s for under $10,000. A quick of Autotrader.com reveals 7 different MINI’s under 10,000- between $8,995 and $9,999. These appear to be actual cars for sale by actual used car dealers (one is by a private seller). There are more under $10,000 but those are either damaged/salvage cars or those “fake” ones offered by private sellers, such as the 2003 “S” with 33,000 miles on it for $3,500 and pictures that are not of an “S” model.

    The actual cars offered are of the high mileage variety, with about 98,000 to 133,000 miles on them. Today’s cars last considerably longer than the cars of yesterday. They are built better, and with the disappearance of leaded gas engines actually last longer. There is no reason that a MINI should last less than 250,000 miles or so.

    Last year I found a 2002 BRG/W 5 speed from MINI of Hawaii with 53,000 miles on it for a mere $11,500. The Carfax records check came back clean (the car started out life in Hawaii and was a one owner) so I sprung for the independent inspection. It revealed that there was some body work in the past but otherwise it was in good mechanical shape. I am happy with my purchase and a used MINI at this price point allowed me to own one- a new one was out of the question.

    If your friend is considering such a car, she should definitely run the Carfax records check and also pay $99 for the Carfax independent inspection. Buying a car over the internet from a faraway dealer without actually seeing it is not as scary as it sounds. Advise your friend to start searching!

  4. I got sidetracked for a good while and gathered a backlog of WRRs to listen to. I think in 271 we heard DB rant a bit about the frequent lack of discussion when leaving a “I hate it!” post. I grimmaced when in 272 I heard DB mention that the Smart Car was a “Steaming pile of…” and then move smoothly on to a different subject with no justification at all.

    You are somewhat right about the Smart. I personally wouldn’t want one for my driving needs (good highway ride and light motorsports hobby) but if I were living in a major city (London, Rome, NY, Paris) it would be right at the top of my shopping list. I know several MINI owners (or ex-MINI owners) who bought a SMART and have since sold it because of one reason or another, but don’t be a hater without being an explainer.

    Otherwise, I’m still enjoying the shows. I’ve been a listener way back to episode #2 and I still download the show regularly. It’s nice to see that you guys got some more main-stream popularity and got some perks from all this work you have done for the MINI community. Great work and I’m looking forward to WRR 2.0.

    PS: Painted arches ROCK!

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