8 replies on “Woofcast #278”

  1. I agree about the theme music.

    Also, I think the key also stores the milage to the next service too. Last time I was at the dealer, this was brought to my attention as I was checking in. very cool stuff.

  2. Good show guys,

    I am with DB with cheering the idea of a Mini D coming to Stateside!

    Do have to wonder though after hearing Todd compare the wheels on the convertible to the GP wheels lol. Maybe the fact that they have black with shinning metal is similar but to me the same way two cars are the same because they both have doors ;).

    Not sure if its my warped view on the world around me or not but having washed and waxed my GP my eye no longer perceives the GP wheels as “U” wheels, my eye catches the black and the wheel is actually a rounded iron cross. Odd but true, take a look at it sometime and see what you see.

  3. I have seen three separate R8’s, not bad looking cars at all. However the headlights are the crappiest looking design since the R56 center stack. Wonder were these designers that think these are worthy design are being taught at, maybe we can all get together and burn down the design colleges they went in order to protect ourselves in the future 😉

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