Woofcast #28

Hope everyone had a safe new years and a great holiday!

We took the week off, but Todd still threw together a shorty for you this week
-Todd scares Randy Webb
-Gabe made a funny
-Ahhh yes, the moose test. Good times!
-Gabe schools us on the awesome virtues of the MINI
-db drank yuppy wine
-Gabe is a music machine
-Todd and the funny noises
-A big dinosaur or a big ape, who can tell?

Again, thanks to Aaron at Outmotoring.com for sponsoring us and to Mark at NorthAmericanMotoring.com for building us into the message board to make it easier for you to OD get your MINI fix!

And of course, thanks to all of you, the WhiteRoofRadio.com listener. It’s been said that we’d do this without the listeners. Yea, that’s a lie. Sure it’s a kick in the pants, but you are the reason we keep doing it. Thanks to those of you that have taken the survey, joined the WRR Frappr and bought a decal to help support us! We really appreciate it!

We’ve got some cool stuff planned for the new year too! Club spotlights and local events. Watch this space for more details!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Todd did the hard part
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