Woofcast #281

pink-pt-cruiser-limo-frontThe morning edition with Todd, Michael and myself talking about all things MINI like we like to do. Sitting here, I am seriously bummed about missing the big jump on New Years Eve. At least mine was better than Micheal’s, so there is that.

We roll through news of the week from Motoringfile.com as we normally do, spending a fair amount of time talking about colors and the cars that we have been seeing on the road.

After a fine voicemail we roll into the crowd-sourcing portion of the show. Todd is looking for windscreen wipers that don’t suck and I am looking for a wiper for the rear window that also doesn’t suck. Any suggestions? You know what to do.

There is more, but you are going to have to listen along to find out!

Woofcast 281:

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8 replies on “Woofcast #281”

  1. I thought they didn’t do the major changes until the 05 MINI. My 04 R50 still had the 5 panel dash and Midlands tranny. Of course, that was an earlier build 04.

    Happy New Year guys.

  2. @dickdavid – you are correct, the changes of which I spoke came into play in the 2005 model year. New taillights, new headlights, 3 piece dash, steering wheel etc.

  3. A good inexpensive car for a teen to learn driving a standard transmission is a Mazda Miata. My 1991 BRG has 190k and still runs well. It just sits since I got my Clubman back in September.

  4. We HAD to buy an HHR when our video equipment would no longer fit in the MINI. Fortunately with discounts and such we got one for $13,500, literally half of what we paid for our MINI. So this year the MINI got 3,000 put on it which was from motoring to MINI events.

    The HHR actually isn’t a bad car. I know this sounds silly but it has the best remote of any car I have ever owned. My MINI remote completely sucks. That is the ONLY thing I don’t like about my MINI. I can remote start the HHR for over 100 yards.

  5. I use SilBlades on my MINI and love them. I had them on my last car for a full year, including a harsh winter, and they were still fine. They’re not rubber so they last super long. They have a 5 year warranty IIRC as well.

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