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  1. No flame from here about your cross-over lovin šŸ˜‰

    I actually think the design has several merits and doesn’t look to bad at all. I however still have the same oposition to it that I have had all along. I don’t believe that its likely to do anything positive to the brand image. While the rest of the auto industry is moving towards higher efficiency cars Mini is moving to a larger and heavier car. I can’t wait for the car to end up on the street in front of other small vehicles where something named a Mini is towering over their car, let the internet jokes begin heh. It has already created a fissure in the Mini community somewhat and likely to do nothing to improve that. Can say for sure I personally will never be do anything to acknowledge these on the street. This might as well be another Honda or whatever in my tiny world view.

    I concure DB I would have been much happier with a slightly raised Clubman with the AWD. Think Mini is pursuing anything with 4 doors on this however.

  2. Hi guys
    Great show. But I was wondering how many adult beverages you two had. Remember how that stuff makes people look good, it must work for autos also because I heard you say the Mini SUV looked good. Just thank about the morning after when you wake up and look at it in your garage, you may want to gnaw your arm off.
    Iā€™m not flaming just trying to keep you two out of trouble.

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