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  1. You guys were talking about the spare in the R56 – the battery is in the front so how come you can’t get a spare in the R56 CooperS?

    Here is the deal – get on the floor and look next time you are at the dealer.

    On the R56 Cooper the exhaust pipe comes down the center of the car, and then takes a bend to the side and exits with the exhaust tip to the passenger side of the car. The spare fits on the other side of the rear – on the drivers side.

    Now look under the R56 CooperS – the exhaust makes a straight shot for the rear bumper and goes right through the open space in the middle of the bumper. Can’t fit a spare – maybe two half spares, but no spare.

    Now, with a little clever pipe bending maybe you would be able to get around the spare and get the pipes back to the middle of the bumper – I sort of doubt that is the plan though.

  2. The Cooper S Clubman has the exhaust pipes on the outsides instead of the center but the space is taken up by extra “underneath” storage in the boot section. It could be enough for a spare if they wanted to design it in. Why couldn’t the designers do the same for the Cooper S?

  3. It might be a reasonable thing to make a pipe bend on the S that allows them to fit a spare, but leave the straight through exhaust on the JCW cars, and no spare.

    No doubt that would raise the hackles of the visceral faithful. The irony is that even the small bend that would take is nothing compared to the cross town local path the exhaust takes in the R53..

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