Woofcast #29

We’re back in full force this week. Hour long and on fire!

-db took 6 tries to do the intro wrong. Trust me, it’s Woofcast 29. He makes up with a good rant.
-Don’t smoke the decals!
-Listener feedback, especially message board feedback.
-What we didn’t get for Christmas
-iPod your MINI…again. Check out Woofcast 13. Also don’t forget mp3yourcar.com.
-Don’t get an FM adapter.
-MINI New Years resolutions…what are yours?
-More audio comments from Robert in CA

Long show, short notes. Don’t forget, if you get the chance, you should take the survey or join the frappr. Of course, if you need something to snaz up a window in your MINI, you could always buy a decal or two.

Todd did the hard part
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  1. Hi Folks,

    I installed the IceLink after much wallet searching considering the expense compared to the Aux Port. At first my only option was the Mini Dealer Ipod adapter at $150 PLUS another $150 for initialization, this did not seem worth the expense. After Woofcast 13 (at this time I did not have my Mini) MP3YOURCAR seemed to have the best answer; although I was surprised to receive the IceLink as the site did not refer to the IceLink (at least at that time) for a DSP radio. The IceLink does not provide an additional Aux Port as the Neo iOn does.

    Working: The IceLink works GREAT, it is really nice to have the song and artist scrolled across the radio display. I can select any Ipod playlist or the complete library from the multifunction steering wheel. I did have to reset (reboot) the Ipod and go to the IceLink settings menu in order to display the ID3 tags to the radio display.

    Installation: I elected to connect the IceLink to the CD Changer connecter in the BOOT! I could not face digging into the dash to remove the radio; too much fear of damaging my new Mini. I removed the right side panels in the boot. Directly under the right rear seatbelt retractor is the CD Changer connecter cable, SNAP, and I was playing the Ipod through the Mini radio (with HK option). The Ipod is out of site in the glove box, no need to access it unless you’re going to download more tunes.

    I am happy with the results but there may be something better out there you have to look around, new things everyday. Thank you Whiteroofradio for the all your help.

    Carmel, NY

  2. In regards to the wait times for the NW dealers, the main reason I chose a local dealer is because I wanted keep my money local and I wasn’t sure about the safety of the transports used. I didn’t have to get a car immediately and was willing to wait to get the car I wanted.

  3. If you guys want to compare the sound quality with an iPod on AUX and an iPod on the ICELink, see me at AMVIV… I’ve got both…

  4. If you guys want to compare the sound quality with an iPod on AUX and an iPod on the ICELink, see me at AMVIV… I’ve got both…

    Provided you’re using the dock connector (like with a Sendstation PocketDock) with the AUX input, the sound quality should be *identical*.

  5. Rollin – direct downloads from this site via the “download” links DO NOT count toward podcast charts. Only subscriptions via iTunes or other feed software like iPodder etc. are counted toward the “charts”.

  6. Just wanted to leave you some feedback/comments from this week’s woof.

    Phoenix dealer also has long wait times. I put my name on the list in Jan, ordered in July, was built in Aug, and actually got the car in Oct thanks to the month long voyage through the Panama canal. I didn’t realize there were other options until I was way into the process. Although, ethically, I just felt that it was better to ask the dealer from which I bought the car to do my servicing. I believe that the AZ dealer gets people from NM and CA (since they do not markup). Anyway, that was all a year ago, but from what I hear, its still the same.

  7. I had been told several times that ordering a Cooper S through the closest dealer, Ralph Schomp in Denver, would take 8-10 months.

    Instead I ordered to my specs through Moritz of Arlington TX Thanksgiving week and it was shipped to Colorado on Jan 11th. (6-7 weeks)

  8. Guys just my opinion on the iPod solutions.

    The iPod adapter makes a WORLD of difference in sound quality.
    Better than earbuds and the aux input

    The reason is you are getting pure unadultered digital signal whereas the aux port is amplified by the iPod (which is not a great amp being it is in a portable device) and then amplified again by the stereo. Lots of quality loss.

    I have done side by sides and the dock connector adapters sound WAY better and ever better yet than the cd player itself

  9. The reason is you are getting pure unadultered digital signal

    No you’re not. The head unit is not doing the d/a conversion, the iPod is. The Dension ice>Link: Plus and MINI iPod adapter both take line-level output from the iPod. You’re getting the same “stuff” from the iPod when using the dock connector whether you’re using one of these fancy schmancy adapters or a SendStation PocketDock and the AUX input.

    It’s a (slightly) different story when using the headphone jack; that *is* amplified inside the iPod. Neither solution gives you digital out of the iPod, however.

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