Woofcast #30

The big THREE-OH! Todd and Gabe go on without db, who was being held hostage by his parents…

–Hogan’s Hero’s?
–Apple talk from the week. You can tell db wasn’t there.
–Talk about the Detroit Concept MINI
–MINI GP…the car you love to hate
–Some info on the ’07
–Color talk
–Agro and Mark from A MINI Vaction in Vegas III come on to talk about the upcoming event

  • Run March 24th – 26th
  • Phil Wicks driving academy on Saturday. Meet and Greet the same day
  • Saturday night banquet dinner at Palace Station
  • Lots of driving events
  • C3 hosts breakfast at Desert MINI Sunday followed by a Valley of Fire run
  • Lots of vendors!!!
  • Could be as many as 400 MINIs!
  • Registration: $20 for event
  • Hat and T-shirt combo presale: $25 (design by 1fastpunk @ NAM)
  • Pre-sale for park permits at sign-up time if you want to do the runs
  • 1st Race of the MINI Race series will be Saturday!
  • Cruise the Strip on Saturday night! That is truly awesome!

You can get more information about A MINI Vacation in Vegas over at amviv.com, including events schedule and lodging information. This is an awesome event and you should try to make it if you can!

Don’t forget the Survey (it’s that big yellow button on the right), or the Frappr Map.

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And, thanks guys for kicking this out without me! The show turned out awesome!

Todd did the hard part
(sounds like Gabe helped too!)
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12 replies on “Woofcast #30”

  1. Just looked at the AMVIV website, I’m sooo jealous that I can’t go (too far to travel) I bet everyone will have a great time.


  2. Don’t worry Cynthia, we’ll be doing at least 1 show from there. It will be almost like being there! 🙂

  3. The schedule isn’t up yet, and I apologize. I was in LA this weekend and slacking on my webgeek duties. Next couple of days I promise.
    Also the menu for the banquet.

  4. Gabe… what on earth do you mean that the purple reinforced bad steotypes of the MINI???

    I’m just curious what those stereotypes are??

  5. Discussion ’round these parts indicate that purple makes it a “chick’s car”, especially when on a convertible. I can’t say if that’s what Gabe intended, however. 😉

  6. Lisa, i think the stereotype Gabe was reffering to was the “chick car” thing.

    Anyways, great show guys.

    Ive told db numerous times, but, i’ll say it here too…. we need a 1 1/2 – 2 hour long show!!! Listsneing to one ‘cast 4 times in one week at work gets boring!!! :p

  7. Mac discussion – I find it increduluous that you’re so excited by a 5 time speed increase on the new intel based Mac – are you sure you can handle it? – you’ll still be slower than a PC

  8. I agree, the faster the PC the better. That way Windows can suck at amazingly high speed. PC’s are great, it’s not the computer’s fault it’s forced to run all third-party software on a crappy OS. If I could run OS-X on a $300 Dell, you bet I would. But I can’t, so I’ll pay the premium for the better computing experience. That and my iMac G5 is super cool all-in-one and quiet – love it.

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