Woofcast #302


Tune in for this episode as we pick on Michael for getting a VW, but then apologize before we, again, pick on him for getting a VW. Plus news of the week from MotoringFile.com. Then, we pick on Micheal some more about getting a VW. Good times ahead as it looks like he’ll be without MINI for a while. Be gentle on him.

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Tune in to episode 303 for the first edition of Ask Chad. If you want to send questions in to Chad Miller of Detroit Tuned fame, you can by emailing them to askchad(at)whiteroofradio.com. We plan to do this at least twice a month, depending on how many questions the Chadmeister gets.

Woofcast 302:

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6 replies on “Woofcast #302”

  1. Good stuff. I just got a MINI from clunkers, and my fiancee has had the GTI bug for several months, made much worse by me getting a new car. She won’t make it until December for a ’10, so I guess were going car shopping now.

  2. Lol John looking forward to seeing you develop that site.

    Michael think you were pretty much hitting on my commentary. I don’t see the Mini brand as a Cooper/Cooper S only. I appreciate what they did with the Clubman though it took a while to get used to some of the design on it. The brand is more than a hand full of cars. I however see the development of a micro suv as a extraordinary common concept. I for one would have been happier with a extended slightly raised Clubman with 4 doors as a design rather than yet another micro suv. nuff said

    Great show again guys, no picking on the GTI Michael. Not a bad car at all!

  3. Just started listening to this site even though I’ve had my MINI since 2005. Just found the Podcast at Zune Marketplace so it works there too.

    I too was looking at the GTi before getting my MINI but I’ve heard so much issue with VWs that I went with the MINI instead because of size, purpose, etc.

  4. Hey Michael, I can really feel your pain…. I shed tears when I sold my 06 JCW in January…. hardest motoring decision I ever made too. But I did switch to 2 wheels…. BMW F800 GS. Hang in there. I guess at least my wife still has her 06 Cooper, and we did go to Zwartkops racetrack here in SA yesterday for the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

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