Woofcast #303

I’m not sure about you out there in the listening audience, but I think we’ve been stringing together some great shows lately, this one is no exception.

Of course we do news from MotoringFile. Some great discussions about the upcoming coupe and R60 and just MINI stuff in general.

Tonight is also the world premier of our brand new segment called **Ask Chad**. That’s right, our own Chad Miller from Detroit Tuned is now taking questions about modding, repairs or anything else you can think of, and answering them during the show. We start with three great questions tonight, followed by 3 great answers. One of the answers included the Sprint Booster. You can find more information about it here.

We also decided to barge in on our sister station over at the Bimmercast. Gabe and Michael talked MINIs and F1 with us for a few minutes before we caught the internet on fire. If you missed it, the Bimmercast has a new iTunes link. Subscribe here.

Also new this week are brand new designs at Motoringbadges.com including the 300 to 300k badges we talked about and all the hot new badges for the ladies!

Finally, want Chad to answer your question? Send it over to askchad@whiteroofradio.com or phone it in the voicemail line.

Woofcast 302:

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4 replies on “Woofcast #303”

  1. I am honored that my question was the very first to be answered during the inaugural Ask Chad segment of Woofcast #303. Wonder if I can get that condensed to fit and commemorate on a badge?
    I will be looking into the options that Chad mentioned. Thank you Chad and the Woofcast gang!

  2. RE Ask Chad and the Chrome Line upgrade.

    I updated my 2006 MC to the Chrome Line recently (purchased from Angelo with Prestige MINI). It’s quite easy.

    The two most difficult rings to replace were the speedometer and the Chrono Pack.

    Speedometer: I used a plastic gift card (no embossment) to gently pry off the speedometer ring. Contrary to a lot of message board advice, I pried from the inside of the ring, rather than from the outside. I pushed a corner of the card in gently and worked my way around. The card will conform to the contour of the ring the deeper it’s pushed in. Finally, the ring was completely loose most of the way around, then I gently pulled it off.

    Chrono Pack. This ring (figure-eight shaped) can not be pried/pulled off. The Chrono Pack must be removed from the car. it’s worth noting that I did not have any issues when reinstalling the instrument when I was finished transferring the ring. At that point I did reset the ECU just in case it would “help”. Help what, I’m not sure 🙂

    You can find instructions on removing the Chrono Pack on NAM. Basically, lower the wheel, remove the two machine screws on the top of the column, support the Pack while pulling out the harness (noting the orientation).

    Once the Chrono Pack was off the car, I placed it on a towel and carefully took it apart. When the Pack was is in two pieces, the tabs holding the original ring/s are clearly visible. Here, again, I used the plastic card to lever the tabs, releasing the original ring.

    At this point, it’s just a matter of dropping in the new Chrome Line ring/s and reassembling the instrument and reinstalling it into the MINI.

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