Woofcast #319

MINI production

Hey guess what gang? You **do** get one more show this year to close out 2009. Turns out some pretty exiting news hit MotoringFile.com last week so the 3 of us got together to talk about just that. That’s right, three of us tonight, just like the old days.

We all hope that all y’all have a great holiday and New Year!

Woofcast 319:

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  1. Merry Christmas guys, great to get a show at this time of the year.

    Guess I am too serious in life as I just don’t get the same feeling for either Goodwood or All4 personally. Oh well

    As for comments DB on Motoringfile I have to disagree, even with opinions other than my own its always good to hear what other people are saying. Yes a lot of comments (mine included are circular arguments) but I think debate is good for the soul lol.

  2. Hum, I haven’t listened to a WRR since it’s inception. Today I thought I’d drop by to hear what’s up with it. I didn’t listen to it all but found many interesting news items.

    Gabe… I think your new header is very nice though I do like a bolder “MOTORINGFFILE”, though not the full wide version.

    A note on pre-runner and chase vehicle comments… Since I used to race in the SCORE Int Off Road Series (10 years) I think I can comment with some knowledge.

    Pre-runner: it’s just that, though not as exactly as you fellows described it, it’s a nearly full blown race vehicle, generally trailered to the course weeks before the race. They “were” used to “pre run” a course at pretty much full song, sort of like WRC, to take notes on the race course conditions. Last I heard, I haven’t raced in 10 years, now mostly illegal because of environmental concerns in the USA. Races held in baja are still allowing some limited “pre running.”

    Pre running a course can get you disqualified even if done in a non race vehicle no matter how long before a race it’s done.

    Chase vehicle: used during a race to go find a broken race vehicle and fix it. The name “Chase” is a bit misleading as you can’t actually “run along after the vehicle” during a race unlike the Dakar where your “Chase” trucks actually run the course so they might be there to repair you ASAP. The Dakar is a different animal in that it’s 3,000 miles long. A Chase” truck is generally “street legal”, ahem, as you sometimes, especially in baja, have to drive on public roads to get to your broken
    race vehicle.

    As you can tell I have nothing to do this AM… 😉

  3. For the record….I love gabes theme song….and it makes me laugh everytime it is played despite his protests

  4. Gabe’s theme song…? I guess I missed it? Would that be anything by Danger Mouse, Wilco, Quicksilver or Moby Grape?…….. 😉

  5. This goes into my book as an all-time favorite episode, right next to 21. Have a great Christmas guys and be safe over the New Year. Cheers.

  6. Did anyone notice the number 53 on the base of the machine holding the MINI chassis in the photo Gabe included? It’s nothing big, just a coincidence.

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