Woofcast #326

Tune in this week to hear Todd say Rancho Cucamonga, hear db snort and Chad talk about track days. What more could you want? Oh, perhaps a little news from MotoringFile? We’ve got that. And maybe a little BMW bashing. And maybe a little automatic transmission bashing, kinda. And some pimping, because White Roof Radio is all over the place this month!

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Woofcast 326:

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11 replies on “Woofcast #326”

  1. Hi, I wanted to point out an error in the Ask Chad discussion. Someone asked about using daytime running lights in an ’07 S with xenon headlights. That would make it an R56 with bi-xenon (both high and low beams are xenon). In the 2nd gen, daytime running lights with xenon are essentially the same as running low beams (full intensity). Therefore there might be valid concern about shortening the life of xenon igniters or bulbs.

    The segment proceeded as though you were discussing a 1st gen, which do not have bi-xenon, and high beams are indeed halogen and daytime running lights are dimmed halogens. This changed with the 2nd gen.

  2. Back in the day, I replaced the halogen bulbs in the GP with some Bright White bulbs from Sylvania. Made for a good improvement.

    Note to Todd: with as much hair product as you use, you shouldn’t be knocking the Miata drivers in your audience.

  3. If MINI Canada were attempting to reach an alternative audience with the Clubman commercial, the guy would have been wearing bi-color boxer briefs.

  4. Just FYI guys, the Miata is the MX-5 and in fact, it’s always been called the MX-5 (little badge under the Miata badge on older models says MX-5)…the MX-6 was the 626-based 2-door coupe built from the mid-80s to mid 90s.

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