Woofcast #333

Before typing anything else, I want all y’all to know the nightmare of an edit that Todd had for this particular episode. If you are wearing a hat, now would be a good time to tip it his direction.

I was also late, leaving the lads to cover news from Motoringfile.com and an interview Barry from MINIs on the Dragon. You did hear correctly, our man Todd will be going to MotD at the end of this month, and he will be driving one of **two** GPs that now reside in his garage.

Going to the Dragon? Make sure you are registered at MINIsonthedragon.com and block off April 28th – May 2nd for it. We got all the latest information about the rock slide and the condition of the road. Huge thanks to Barry for taking time out of his schedule to give us the low down.

Finally, don’t forget about our newest sponsor, MINI of Loveland. They are the newest MINI Dealer in Colorado and just opened last week! Be sure to check them soon! And, keep the calendars open for the end of May when Todd and I will be heading up that way to spend the day. Full details to follow very soon.

Woofcast 333:

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