Woofcast #334

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Chad and Gabe were at the Lemons race this past weekend, finishing up 17th (nice work fellas!) so Todd went through the archives for the past few months to bring us 20 minutes or so of some truly funny stuff.

We are hoping to clear some of the Ask Chad queue for you next week and probably a little more about the Dragon since Todd and Chad will both be there.

Woofcast 334:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 9.9MB |21:13

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  1. Hey guys, not sure if it was mentioned in the show but in the pic, it looks like the R56 already has a drivetrain installed (hence the front hubs) and is on the way out of the station so we could ASSume that the older engine/drivetrain is going in to the next chassis down the line.

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