Woofcast #335

Dang near a full crew for this show before The Dragon. Chad and Todd do a huge Ask Chad session, plus we cover quite a bit of news from Motoringfile.com like we like to do, finishing up talking about alternative fueled cars. Great conversation, and we think you guys will enjoy it.

And, honestly, who has driven a car sitting on a milk crate? C’mon, don’t lie.

And you did hear correctly. Todd and I will be hanging out at MINI of Loveland towards the end of May. If you are in the area we would love for you to stop by and say hi! More details to follow.

Woofcast 335:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 23.3MB |50:50

One reply on “Woofcast #335”

  1. Ok – three things, posting it here since there was no post at Motoring file announcing this ep.

    Lemons stories – tell Gabe to get his ass over and spill, and we don’t care about Tyra Banks.

    Second. Aptera. You guys were speaking off the cuff about this 3 wheel car – its is not configured like a Reliant with one wheel in front which is inherently unstable. Its like a classic Morgan with one wheel in back and its as stable as any 4 wheel car. And yes, 4 tires will generate more traction than 3, but when a car can be this light 3 wheels won’t matter. Just saying. You’re wearing your lack of clue here on your sleeve.

    Last. Engine temp warning light. I’ll just come out and say it. The engine temp gauge in the R50/53 is no more useful than a warning light for an overheating engine. Don’t slam me – I’m just the messenger. I think Ian C originally posted this to NAM years ago. Here is the short version – all the guages are digital, right? There is no speedometer cable – speed is reported to the OBC by a sensor, OBC instructs a servo motor to point the needle at the proper place. Engine temp guage is the same way. Sensor to OBC to servo motor. Except what I read is the temp guage is programed to remain in the normal range until the high warning temp is hit, then the needle moves up, and the warning light comes on. Same warning you get with no needle – none. There is no gradual move from the normal range to the high warning range – you’ve been deceived. Sorry, with all the posturing there is and has been about new vs old Mini’s I can’t let this slip by.

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