Woofcast #340

Alternately titled: Why we don’t do shows on Sunday afternoon after having long weeks, bad weeks or after crawling out from under a MINI while in the process of rebuilding it.

That said, here is a shorty for you this week. News from MotoringFile.com like we like to do, and talks of the FrankenMINI Chad has been working on. Not to mention, we are pretty sure we are upsetting MA’s every time we ask/talk about waiting for the refresh. Are you one that is waiting? Let us know in the comments or phone it in to the voicemail line!

Stop by tomorrow for details about the WC-50 party MINI of Ontario is holding on June 26th. Can’t wait? Go over and ‘like’ their Facebook page for the full skinny right now.

Finally, keep an eye out for more MTTS details this week! We are expecting to get the bulk of the details that you guys and gals are looking for soon and you know you will read it about it here and on MotoringFile first, right? And, if you are a club and trying to make something happen for MTTS, let us know and we will share that with the right people ASAP.

Woofcast 340:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 17.5MB |36:19