Woofcast #341, this time with feeling

Cats? Yes, we seriously start off talking about cats. Fellas, who else among us has also been ‘left’ with a cat? How about a little bit of iPhone talk bashing? Sure, we do that too. And we all have Schroth Harness going for wicked low pricing.

We finally get around to talking about MINI stuff like we like to do and to do that we jump over to MotoringFile and do exactly that, including our take on the MINI vs. Porsche Challenge happening on June 21st at Road Atlanta. And, since we got Gabe tonight, we get his take on all of the newest things, like the JCW changes coming up.

2nd half of the show was Gabe talking about the latest review MINI in the MF Garage, right after all of us beat him up for driving an X5 M, rolling in at $US92k+. Back us up ladies and gents! Back to the MINI, Gabe likes it, except the transmission, but you had to see that coming, right?

Welcome, won’t you, the newest sponsor under the White Roof; Outmotoring.com. Listen close for a White Roof Radio listener **only** discount. No, I can’t tell you here, you are going to need to listen.

For those of you in southern California, save June 26th for the MINI of Ontario mini golf and silent auction for a WC-50. Full details can be found here.

And, really, thank to all of you that came by my FB page or Twitter to wish me a happy birthday. I really appreciated it!

Woofcast 341:

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8 replies on “Woofcast #341, this time with feeling”

  1. DUDE! You guys have some crappy timing, I JUST ordered a Schroth harness from Chad YESTERDAY!! lol.

  2. Todd, Could you please make Gabe’s ringtone/theme song available so that I can play it whenever his name is mentioned during a podcast

  3. @drill
    Ok, it took me a while to search the archives.
    though back in black was mentioned in woofcast 218 at 11:28 and woofcast 259 at :45sec. Note: the times that ac/dc was played Gabe was actually expecting this much despised intro I seek.

    Woofcast 210 at 11:14 I think was the first play of what I’m looking for. Though, Gabe self proclaims smooth criminal as his anthem in some ways. Todd, says that he will make it the cheesy into music Gabes ringtone. Then in woofcast 259 at :45sec it was confirmed that it is fact his ringtone and is considered his theme.

    I would love a button on the WRR page that I can click on to play Gabes theme on demand….everytime I hear it, it makes me laugh

  4. I would love a button on the WRR page that I can click on to play Gabes theme on demand….everytime I hear it, it makes me laugh

    Let me see what I can do for you dr. I would love to be able to do that!

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