Woofcast #347, again

This is to bring the iTunes page back to life.

A quick note to the affliates. This is **not** Woofcast 348 for August 1st. That was last year. Let it go.

And, **HOLY CRAP**! 5 years of White Roof Radio? Are you kidding? We are just as amazed as you, trust me. And, along with the intro flub, Woofcast 1 went up on the 4th of August, not the 2nd.

As a nice gift to us, we will be on the air on **radio** very very soon. You are going to have to wait to get more details about that after MTTS, but don’t worry, you’ll find out about it. Or, catch any of us at MTTS and we _might_ fill you in.

As mentioned, this will be the last episode before MTTS. Check back tomorrow for a complete update for what WRR will be bringing you next week.

Otherwise, news like we like to do from Motoringfile. Plus a complete recap of what WRR has done since we started this little dog and pony show 5 years ago. Thanks for sticking with us, thanks for sharing us with your friends and thanks for being the best fans ever invented! You guys and gals seriously rule!

Woofcast 347:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 23.3MB |50:47