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  1. Bartender in St. Louis named Jen. Works right me. Laughs whenever I say the word “mini”. I love her anyway. My wife tells me that she does some things on purpose, but I believe that she’s simply working hard, keeping the place clean and well stacked…I mean stocked.

  2. But can you order a 2011 with MINI connected, get it built, shipped and delivered by January 3? Timing looks tough to me since you can’t order MINI connected until October for November builds.

  3. Whoo hoo! I made it onto the Woofcast – Thanks for discussing my Ask Chad question. And timely too, since I did get my MTTS “$1500 off” e-mail a few days ago, and it’s time to start getting serious about ordering my new MINI.

    About that MTTS $1500 off thing: They say that you can use it on any new 2010 or 2011 MINI, including the new Countryman, as long as you take delivery by January 3, 2011. However . . . According to the MINIUSA website, the Countryman won’t be available in this country until January of 2011. The latest edition (Oct, 2010) of Consumer Reports magazine says February of 2011. While I grant that CR is not a concrete source for new MINI information, I also note that the Countryman timeline has been subject to a fair amount of slippage. Thus, I’m doubting that many of us will be able to redeem our $1500 certificates on a new Countryman. Tom’s point (above) about getting any MINI with the new MINI Connected is also a good one; better have your order ready (and as of my writing this, the 2011 MINI USA configurator is still not up yet). Maybe they could Fedex your new MINI over from Oxford . . .

  4. I listened 3 times and missed the new outmotoring.com discount code as noted on whiteroofradio.com … I think the SC cleaning was supposed to be an IC cleaning…Thanks Chad, I got my Bushings and STD’s…I’ll get the cores back to you ASAP.

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