Woofcast #353

Countryman Cooper S ALL4 25

One more oddly shaped Woofcast for you. Starting off with news with Todd, Nathaniel and Gabe, finishing off with a **huge** Ask Chad session. Stay tuned for next week as Chad takes the time to help you get your MINI ready for winter. You know we’ll be talking more about the Countryman too since Gabe was in Austin last week for the big press event.

As mentioned, WRR west coast HQ has successfully transitioned to our new Arizona offices and we expect to reach normal operational capacity next week.

Woofcast 353:

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3 replies on “Woofcast #353”

  1. Hey guys, I thought the airbag sensor issue was only an issue for the passenger seat? Shouldn’t the driver’s seat bolt right in??

  2. Follow up on the SES light. My friend has not informed me of what the problem was. I have sent an email as follow up and will let you know when I find out. Great show guys as always.
    I know the Countryman is almost here and that makes me happy because then we can start talking Coupe’ I can’t wait!!!!

  3. The last three times (at 2 different dealers, on 2 different R56’s) I’ve gotten my oil changed, they overfilled them by about 3/4 of a quart. The first two times I let out the extra oil myself. The third time I checked the dipstick before I left the dealer, brought it up to the SA and MA and had them take the car back to the tech. Of course they told me it would be fine but they let out the extra anyway.
    It’s very good advice to get them to put in your service record that when overfilled that there will be no issues.

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