Woofcast #357

Todd at SEMA, Gabe on the show and some great ask chad questions. Ask Chad will be back for Woofcast 358. We went a little long this week talking about the Countryman (again) and bashing GM (again) and a few other things (again).

While at SEMA, Todd get the chance to interview a couple of companies doing cool things for MINIs. One of them is Delucci Motor. Website isn’t ready yet, but there is a phone number and email address if you want to contact them further.

And, if you are in SoCal, don’t forget the Bootgate Party tomorrow afternoon!

Woofcast 357:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 31.3MB | 1:08:12

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  1. What the F!?! Stop bumping Ask Chad already. What is this, The Tonight Show? No, it’s the internet and we have plenty of time.

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