Woofcast #359

News from Motoringfile.com as always. Gabe even managed to dial up the correct podcast this night which definitely worked in our favor. Countryman crashes get us started, Cadillac is making an odd little car, Austrailia MINI Challenge being systematically dismattled, some Coupe talk, some MINI Connected talk and, MINI United, as far as we know, isn’t really going to be in Dubai.

We do some personal Ask Chad and talk about the new Top Gear America and some of us don’t think it’s as bad as you. We do need some questions for our good man Chad (ahem, from DetroitTuned.com) to finish out the year. So, email those in or call-in to (206) 202-3252 to get them in before the Christmas break.

Finally, don’t forget the MINI of Ontario Bootgate Party this coming Sunday! Or, check with your local dealer to see if they are having one. As always, don’t forget to tell them White Roof Radio sent you.

Woofcast 359:

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  1. Good after Thanksgiving show. Todd’s BMW story is pretty useful and it should be reminded on a regular basis (just like the oil checking stuff) during winter time shows. I don’t hate Top Gear USA yet. It seems that they will have to make tones of efforts to make it better and I’m not sure they can pull that off in the next 3 or 4 episodes. Because what we have on French cable is so crappy, I’m going to watch 3 more shows. If it still no good, I’ll patiently wait for the new season of Top Gear UK to start (saw them shoot in NYC in september with the SLS and the 458 Italia). BTW, I sent an AskChad question, but it wasn’t picked up…

    1. Thanks Alexandre! I’ll check the queue for your question.

      BTW, there is supposed to be a Top Gear UK Special coming out this month on the 22nd I believe. Something about the lads having to drive across Iraq. Should be pretty amazing.

  2. I don’t care much for the Top Gear hosts, but the last episode seemed a little better than the others. I’m hoping it continues to improve. It’s still set in the DVR, for now.

    Now, the new Brewmasters had a great episode on this week. It was all about DFH Punkin’ Ale, which I love, and collaboration with a brewer in New Zealand. Oh, and some good Punkin’ Chuckin’ action too.

    I just emailed some AskChad.

  3. @db. No probs, I need to update the question anyway because my MINI eventually broke down…

    Also May and Hammond just released a DVD called Top Gear Apocalypse I think. I’ve seen the trailer, it looks funny.

  4. I am still holding judgment on TGA. I saw something about a MINI in the previews on episode 1, they were previewing the full season. This looked like a positive look at the MINI (maybe used market) It will be interesting to see if they say anything that has not been covered on WWR. Highly doubtful as all y’all are the experts.

  5. Great show guys, many thanks for mentioning Savannah Rickli. I know she would love to drive a WRC Mini at Pikes Peak, but for 2011 she will be returning in the Mini of Loveland / Built-By-Bones / SCR Performance Cooper S.

    We’ll let you know when her entry is officially accepted.

    thanks again for a great show, and thanks to Jim for the heads up to listen

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