Woofcast #36

An interesting episode to start the week, for those of you that run the Sunday through Saturday week…

Have you had problems with your A/C? db is interested! Email us or leave a comment!

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Todd did the hard part
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13 replies on “Woofcast #36”

  1. Great show again….
    Just a reminder Todd. There will also be 2 MINI’s from Nebraska joining in the Dragon Caravan. See you in May.

  2. Here’s a vote in favor of the shorter multiple shows.

    Although if you go to the AAC files with chapter markers, like Juan suggested, that would work for us iTunes users just as well!

    Thanks for doing these shows, guys!


  3. Totally random but I didn’t think that the Ford Fusion was based on the Mazda 6. I was sure the Fusion was a mod of the Ford Mondeo which was designed in Europe by Ford for Ford. Seems odd that while the Fords sold in the rest of the world are being divorced from Japan that Ford America is going back to it.

  4. I’ll add a vote for AAC podcasts with chapters. It will make finding the right section in a 1 hour podcast much easier.

  5. My only question on aac is whether it would have an effect on burning the podcasts to cd and playing them in the MINI factory radio. I currently use my Axim x50v to play via Windows Media player, but I feel the output of the headphone jack is somewhat lacking so I was thinking I’d start doing CD’s in the car…

  6. no affect, as long as you use iTunes to burn the track. Oh, you won’t still get the chapter feature once it is burned tho.

    Don’t worry, the primary feed will continue to be mp3 to keep it easy for everyone without an iPod or still running Windows 98/ME or older.

  7. Gabe,

    I have to take the blame this year for the lack of snow to play in. I put snow tires on the MINI for this winter therefore it will never snow again. It was the only way to convince my wife to let me get new wheels. The S-lites are now dedicated winter warriors.

    Great show guys!

  8. My quick opinion on the show format…

    If you are going to record one show and split it into two parts (with the second part released mid-week), I would just rather have the one show in Sundays.

    However, if you are going to record two separate shorter shows, then that’s totally fine with me. The advantage is that we can hear about new things sooner, rather than having to wait for Sunday. The down side is this would probably require a greater time commitment from db, Gabe, and Todd…and “Confessions of a Dangerous MINI Owner” might never get updated 🙂

    By the way, the idea of having chapters in the ACC file would be great.

  9. Gabe,

    Again the decisions of Ford boggle my mind. Why base the new car on a Mazda when the Mondeo is a better car in almost every way. If people wonder why Ford car sales slump in this country they need look no further than that.

    On show format, I like the idea of split shows but I favour the release of them both simultaneously, that has to be less work for you guys and pleasing to the short show crowd all at the same time.

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