Woofcast #37

Our midweek show…The n00b show IV – Break-in and service. Don’t agree? You know what to do.

  • Why are we talking about the Olympics?
  • Have you read your manual?
  • Gabe doesn’t have the ’06 manual yet
  • Just quoting the manual here gang…have you read yours?
  • Official engine break-in is under varying engine and vehicle speed and do not exceed 4500RPM/90MPH
  • Break-in means longer life. db followed break-in to the letter, and now has over 112K miles with great gas mileage!
  • We are going with the engineers on break-in
  • Tire break-in = about 200 miles/300KM
  • Breaks break-in = about 300 miles/500KM
  • Clutch break-in = about 300 miles/500KM
  • db & Gabe share S-10 stories

CarTalk on Break-in

Todd did the hard part

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12 replies on “Woofcast #37”

  1. Sorry – at one point I said piston when I meant to say cylinder as in – the grooves from honing are on the cylinder not the piston.

    Just thought I’d point that out before someone else did. : )

  2. Shame on any MINI owner that hasn’t read their owners manuals. Right after I ordered my MINI, I downloaded the manual off the internet and read it from cover to cover, 2 months before I had the car!!

    Cynthia in Greece

  3. Great show as always guys!

    I do have a question though, Db, you said that we’re “only a couple months away from getting a dealer there in Nebraska.” Could you elaborate on that? Is the dealer going to be here in Lincoln or over in Omaha do you know?

    I’ll also toss in my own high-mileage story – my first car, an ’87 Honda Prelude Si that I drove to 274,000 miles before I sold it, but it’s still going and being loved down in Arkansas. If the auto-tranny hadn’t started to lose the 1st gear low-clutch, I would probably still be driving it. Didn’t use oil, only leaked the tiniest bit, and would just zip down the road. 110 hp on a car that only weighed 2100 lbs. Really helped pave the way for my love of the MINI.

    NS in NE

  4. I’ve heard that there will be a MINI dealer in Omaha in a few more months. I haven’t heard an actual time frame, just the rumor. You might want to check with the BMW dealer to be sure. If he calls me a liar, please be sure to come back and let us know!

  5. Great Show, Great format. Great advice, coming from experienced proud Mini motoring owners. I liked the Garage Day suggestion and I’ll be ordering a Bentley’s Manual, ASAP.
    Great show(s), trust your opiniions & enjoy your camaraderie. Regular listener for a while, enjoy your ideas on improving performace, ie. brakes, cold air intake, ipod entertainment, servicing, etc. (experience counts, issues dealt on balance with pros/cons, options offered)

    As a newbie, always ready and interested in learning more about the Mini and about good aftermarket wheels. We have 16″ Dunlop RF’s and a spare in our Mini Cooper. Thinking of maybe going to The Dragon this year. Considering getting new 17″ wheels with maybe something like Goodyear Eagle F1’s. Suggestions? Lessons learned?

    Would appreciate a session addressing aftermarket wheels. How do you determine who makes good wheels? Is price always in correlation to quality? versus limited production quantitities. (Many wheel shops bad mouth BMW/Mini that their wheels are way over priced and offer low value compared to aftermarket products. More than half the MSRP is for the name alone, they say.) Newbies need big help; spring is coming around the corner. Thanks.

  6. Please be true for Omaha!

    Bought in Chicago, live in Eastern Iowa – about 4 hour drive each way – and they said their loaners could not leave the state.

  7. Omaha would indeed be awesome. Has anyone ever dealt with Markel (the dealership) before? I’ve heard both good and bad so I don’t know how they are.

    402 What!

  8. If by 402 what? You mean what the phone # is For the dealer in Omaha. Here you go
    John Markel BMW
    716 N. 102nd Street
    Omaha, NE 68114
    I hope and pray that we get a dealer in Nebraska.

  9. yes please discuss wheels. Which MINI supplied wheels are best in terms of weight? I liked the look of my S-Lites but you guys love pointing out they’re very heavy and don’t supply good cooling to the brakes. Which 17 or 18″ MINI wheel is best? I am also interested in how to improve the ride of an MCS. S-Lites mated to Pirelli runflats on the MCS sports suspension did not give the most comfortable ride…

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