Woofcast #376

Starting off with our man Todd having some fun with the intro after rolling through some serious **Black Roof Radio**. Once that was over, we roll through a rousing session of News from Motoringfile.com before talking, just a little more, about MINIs on the Dragon.

**Programming note**. The boys are all heading to the Dragon next week, so we will be interrupting our normal show schedule. Watch for updates coming from Todd (if he gets internet) and for our regular show schedule to resume shortly thereafter.

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 30.3MB | 1:03:00

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  1. The iQ here in the UK is very popular with city dwellers who would otherwise have a MINI or even a Fiat 500. They are insanely expensive over here mind you, they start at £10k and the one you want is almost £12.5k! Not that economical either, which is Toyota’s big USP for the car, many reports suggest around town in the CVT version you will struggle to crack 37mpg (UK MPG), even a petrol Cooper and even an S (both 2nd Gen) if you drive gently will achieve that!

  2. Full gang shows are definitely the best ones. Have fun at the Dragon and drive safe!

  3. I tried looking up parkingpads.com and had no luck. Any idea how to look at their stuff? Just got a new garage and would love to put one down.

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