Woofcast #381

Gabe has a Fiat 500 sport in his garage and he tells us about it to get us started. 4 words that you will keep hearing about the Fiat; it’s not a MINI.

After that, we magically transform into the Coupe show, hosted by none other that Mr. MotoringFile (pictured above). For those of you that have been chomping at the bit for any shred of information about this MINI, this is a show you **don’t want to miss**. And don’t ask what we can’t talk about, Gabe wouldn’t give it up.

We did run long this week. Terribly long in fact. So much so that if you check back tomorrow, you will find part 2 of Woofcast 381 waiting for you, just like we used to do in the old days.

Download | 24.2MB | 52:47 |WRR @ iTunes

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