Woofcast #383

Apologies for the delay in getting this posted. That said, let’s move on.

We swapped Chad for Gabe tonight which is always a treat, as long as he isn’t trying to steal the show from me. But, even more Coupe talk, quite a bit more Fiat 500 talk and I even let some Bimmer talk in. And, some Top Gear talk.

White Roof Radio live is coming together nicely! We would still love for you to RSVP either way (Yes/No/Maybe) to give us an idea of how many of you fine people are planning on attending.

**Woofcast 383**

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  1. Any idea where we can get some of those Tshirts from the 24 hr race? Another day another adventure.. thanks for the podcast.

  2. Another great show, as always. I don’t get the concern about running long. Is this a problem? Speaking for myself, I like the long shows. It would also be fun (if perhaps NSFW) to hear some of the stuff that has obviously been cut out . . .

    Have a safe 4th!

  3. Fiero used the running gear/drive train from the Chevy Citation – GMs first midsize front wheel drive car, not the Chevette which was front engine rear wheel drive.

    1. Turns out, we are both right.

      A mid-engine layout was chosen as a way to reduce both aerodynamic drag and vehicle weight to improve fuel efficiency, and also for its handling, traction, and braking benefits. The sports car potential of the mid-engine layout was not fully realized when the Fiero debuted. In line with its market position, the tires, brakes, and some suspension components were carried over from other GM economy cars (like the Chevrolet Citation and Chevrolet Chevette) so the Fiero could be priced appropriately.

      From Wikipedia.

  4. wikipedia explains front wheel suspension and brakes did come from the Chevette, so DBs not all out in left field

  5. I forgot it was front drive. Make sense too. The only one I ever drove had the worst understeer I’ve ever experienced, and I drove S-10 pickups for 10 years.

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