Woofcast #386

A little bit of us remembering that we started this show almost 6 years ago. August 1st, Woofcast 388, will mark our 6th anniversary. Celebration to follow later in the year, a little thing we are calling White Roof Radio Live.

After that, what would you say to some news from MotoringFile like we like to do, followed by another rendition of Ask Chad. Good times abound!

Are you on Google +? Excellent, so are we. Fun things planned, you should follow along if you aren’t already!

**Woofcast 386**

Download |28.8MB | 59:53 |WRR @ iTunes

2 replies on “Woofcast #386”

  1. What?!? I can’t believe you are criticizing the Cordoba Beige interior from the R50/53. There is nothing more timeless and classic than British Racing Green with white top/mirrors/wheels and the Cordoba Beige leather interior (yes, INCLUDING the tan carpet and doors). Here it is almost 10 years later people still compliment my wife on her R50. I wished I could have found an R53 with the same color scheme when I was looking for a used one 2 years ago.

  2. The mention of a bulletin for O2 sensors and extended warrantee for the same apparently was only for R50/53’s according to my dealer. Not available for the R56.

    If there is any alternate info I’d be glad to know about it.

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