Woofcast #388

Don’t even know where to start with this one. We recorded this episode using our new friend Google Plus and we think it’s pretty keen. We did talk about some news from Motoringfile and watch Chad work on a MINI.

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**Woofcast 388**

Download |23.3MB | 50:56|WRR @ iTunes

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  1. You guys don’t seem familiar with how Zipcar and other “car sharing” services work. There is no monthly fee and you only pay on a per-use basis like a standard rental. The main difference is that there are cars scattered in parking lots all over the city and you might be able to pick up a car just a couple of blocks from wherever you live. No need to go to a rental office and fill out paperwork. You reserve a car online, walk to wherever it’s parked and wave a smartcard to start driving it. In the U.S., maybe BMW/MINI could partner with an established company but I can’t see them offering something on their own because of the infrastructure required.

    1. Some corrections to my earlier post. My wife joined Zipcar long ago and I had to get reacquainted with their current fee schedule. Zipcar’s basic plan is a $60/year membership, with rentals on a per-use basis. If you use them frequently, there are monthly plans starting at $50/month with a discounted per-use rate.

      My wife and I live in San Francisco and have a MINI convertible as our only car. We use Zipcar a few times a year when we need something larger to haul people or stuff. It’s very convenient for us because there are many Zipcars available within a few blocks from our house.

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