Woofcast #391

News from MotoringFile as always. Not too much since Gabe was off driving fancy cars in Monterey. There is a ton more since we recorded, so we’ll be busy next week.

AskChad was the clutch show this week. See above for an example of what you **don’t want your clutch to look like**. We are a little behind in questions, but don’t worry, we will continue to work through them as long as you keep sending them in!

Don’t forget, White Roof Radio Live is right around the corner! We would like to see as many of you as possible for our 400th show. Click that link for the details that we have so far.

db hit 252,000 miles, and you can read all about how we started White Roof Radio here.

**Woofcast 391**

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One reply on “Woofcast #391”

  1. Another great show. It drives me up the wall though when I hear what is covered under the U.S. Service Plan warranty. My front brake pads needed replacement on my 2009Mar R57 at 25,000km which works out to 15,500 miles. Fought this with the dealership and MINI Canada but this is not a warranty issue to them. So for MINI Canada, no brakes, rotars, fluid, filters, blades….. Count yourself lucky America.

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