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  1. Holy crap guys, almost 400 episodes… WOW! Congrats!
    Wish I could be there for WRR Live @ Detroit Tuned!

  2. Some minor misinformation from Woofcast #399 that you might want to correct at a future opportunity:

    1. Todd mentioned that the brake wear sensor indication illuminates when the sensor on the pad “touches the rotor.” In fact, the sensor light comes on when the end of the sensor is completely worn through by friction on the rotor, breaking the circuit. It is for this reason that some folks who keep a close eye on their pads anyway choose to simply twist the sensor wire ends together after a brake job to close the circuit and extinguish the light, rather than purchase new sensors. This is the path of choice for aftermarket pads that have no slots for the brake sensors.

    2. Chad mentioned lug bolt torque specs from memory of 95 ft-lb for 1st Gen and 108 ft-lb for 2nd Gen. The actual BMW AG torque specs are as follows:

    For 12 mm lug bolts (1st Gen up to mid-2006):
    120 +/- 10 Nm (85 to 92 ft-lb)

    For 14 mm lug bolts (late ’06 1st Gen and all 2nd Gen):
    140 +/- 10 Nm (100 to 107 ft-lb)

    The group also talked about dealers using impact wrenches and over-torquing lug bolts and left the general impression that this wasn’t anything major to worry about. In reality, this sort of over-torquing should be unacceptable as it can lead to stripped threads, ineffective lug bolts, and in some cases wheel loss.

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