Woofcast #4

Our mid week shorty with a bad internet connection, so the sound is quite as good as it should be.
-New MINIUSA configurator for ’06
-Upcoming guest – Sorry, you have to listen
-New Download page. Check the link on the left
-3 takes to get started
-Spread the word
-We need Racoon tail antenna toppers
-Todd really likes Missouri wine

Todd did the hard part

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3 replies on “Woofcast #4”

  1. Cathing up again..
    Boy you guys were drunk for the first half of that! But you let it wore off. 🙂
    Not all 2004’s have MP3 CD capable headunits, actually almost none. They were added starting somewhere in the june or july production months, and soonafter they were officially dubbed 2005 minis.

  2. Josh – Truthfully, it was all an act – at least on my end. : )

    I was just in a really good mood and db just kept making me laugh for some reason.

    The tinkling sounds of ice in the glass was a dead giveaway, huh?

    Thanks for the correction on the mp3 thing. I knew my ’03 didn’t play mp3s but I thought MINI added it for all of 2004.

    Keep us honest!

  3. I think it was *take 3 :clap!:* that put you over the edge…boy that’s going to make a great part of an out take reel 🙂

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