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  1. You guys don’t make it easy, since we can’t see the details of all the cars and only have a postage stamp-sized photo.

    However, here’s my take…

    Todd’s Tbird? Sorry, Todd…’66 = cool, ’67 = ewww.

    Nathaniel’s MGB? MGB = yes, rubber bumper MGB = no.

    Chad’s Cad? ’80s awesomeness that is the ’85 bustle-butt Seville. But it either had the Buick 4.1L or a diesel. Diesel would be a win, 4.1 would be a fail. But since you didn’t tell us…

    DB’s Fiat X1/9? Creative choice, interesting color, extra transmission included! WIN!

  2. I second IowaM1N1 on the ’67 T-Bird; that was the first of fifteen years of ugly (IMHO) T-Birds. Besides an old Nintendo cartridge, the front end also is very reminiscent of a catfish.

    And speaking of ugly cars, what was Chad drinking when y’all were recording?!? The only way he could’ve liked that Caddy was because his grandparents must’ve had one! That or he’s getting ready to enter a demolition derby . . .

    So that leaves the Fiat and the MG. The metallic green on the Fiat is a neat color, but that’s pretty much all that car has going for it. There’s a reason it comes with all those extra parts!

    And the winner is . . . My choice is the MGB. Yes, it’s got the rubber baby buggy bumpers. I don’t object to those, although I will concede that the chrome bumpers on earlier cars are more in keeping with the iconic British roadster look. And granted, it’ll need just as much work to keep it running as the Fiat. But the parts are available, and besides – it’s a convertible!

  3. So far it’s a tie between the small cars. WOOT!

    Someone has to have a vote for the pimp Caddy or Nintendo cartridge T-Bird.

    (Sorry for the lack of links. The eBay link was already expired when I posted the show and the others would have in short order. All the details that matter are in the show.)

  4. I vote for a demolition derby between the T-Bird and the Caddy. Pretty sure the T-Bird would win – meaning it would be the second one into the crusher. Then we’d all win! (In my ever-so-humble opinion, of course)

    And speaking of demolition and crushers, I seem to remember the Mythbusters making a Fiat sandwich between two head-to-head semi trucks.

  5. Just a clarification for the history books, a correction to the Podcast:

    At R56 launch the multi-function steering wheel was still an option. It did not become standard until at least a year later.

    I’ve got a better one for you. At R56 launch Digital Stability Control (DSC) was still an option. Strangely enough Automatic Traction Control (ATC) was standard.

    But it was totally possible to order a CooperS without DSC, and I’ve got one.

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