Woofcast #41

WMS High Density Induction Box...Click for larger pic (800x600)
Part II for the week. We review some listener comments from prior shows, Todd talks about the new Webb Motorsports High Density Induction Box (which looks pretty cool to us) and, if you can believe, we go ahead and talk about wheels. Plus, the continuation of Roberts audio sound tour with a non-MINI owner. Definitely worth listening in to the last few minutes of the show.

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Todd did the hard part

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  1. I’m a little confused about the Webb Intake. I had a dealer installed BMP intake on my ’03 MCS, which Randy tore out and replaced with an Alta at the fist Buffalo/Toronto Pulley Party. He said the air got too hot in the box, yet his box is a similar design.

    What’s different, do you think?


  2. Robert – The new Webb induction box is completely enclosed as opposed to the BMP which is wide open to hot engine compartment air flowing into the filter near the cowl. Randy’s new intake, like the Alta also replaces the cowl partition to draw cooler air from outside the engine compartment.

    Make sense?

  3. Yep – now we just need little air scoops on the on the grills near the window to direct the air right to the intake. In fact, I think those are offered. I better check OutMotoring.com to see! =R=

  4. If you read the description on the page it kind of describes how it works too. But, it’s pretty much what Todd said

  5. I’m military and currently stationed overseas in Bahrain, in the Middle East (a somewhat safe country luckily), leaving my Chili Red MCS JCW at home with the wife (it’s okay, she loves the Mini too). So, as I commute, I listen to whiteroofradio on my iPod and let me tell you, it’s one fantastic podcast. Keep up the good work!


  6. Thanks for the show guys. Is there any way you could bump db’s audio levels up? I listen with headphones at full volume on my ipod and i really strain to hear what db says. Overall the volume of the podcast is very low compared to music on my ipod. Is there anything I can do to make you guys louder?

  7. My #41 podcast cut off mid-sentence after 21 minutes, 51 seconds…. I wonder what happened? Gabe, you were talking about your tires on your original mini in 2002…and then it went quiet. Those were the last words I heard. “2002”


  8. With all the walk about wheel weight and performance, what about an increase in MPG?

  9. The wheel/tire talk was interesting. I just ordered 15″ Konig Rewinds, which will be wearing Yoko AVS ES100 sneakers. Should be here next week. I’ve done 15,000+ miles on the Goodyear runflats and can’t wait to get rid of them. I’m sooooo looking forward to improved ride quality from the smaller wheels and non-runflats. I know I’m giving up some of the precise feel of the lower-profile tires, but I’m prepared to live with that (I hope). I’m also going to be doing several track days this year, so it’ll be interesting to see how these taller sidewalls do.

    To a point Todd made, as much as I _loathe_ these runflats, their lack of grip makes the first time on the track a really good learning experience. The car loses grip without any drama, and you’re able to learn how to control your direction with throttle input (which I think was my favorite technique). It’ll be interesting to see how the car reacts with these Yokohama tires. 🙂

  10. Actually I just swapped out my s-lites/goodyear all seasons for the 18″ JCWs/Dunlops and it has completely transformed my car in the twisties. It is such a joy to drive as compared to how it felt with the Goodyears.

  11. Sean, any time you reduce the weight of the car, you’re asking the engine to do less work and should see a decrease in fuel consumption. Whether it’s measurable or not is another question entirely. 🙂

  12. Blalor,

    That’s why I was asking. I used to own a 93 Toyota Camry with a v6 5spd. It was rated at 24 mpg on the highway but I regularly got 28. The sad thing is, that’s more than what my 03 MCS is getting. Only thing I changed on the Camry was lighter wheels, lowered and muffler. Only reason I could think of for better MPG was the 15 lb wheels. That was the main reason for looking at 15lb wheels again, like the subzeros. However now that I think I want white wheels with BRG/W, I have no ideas what rims I want. Haha.


  13. Another thing to keep in mind that does affect gas mileage is not so much the overall weight of a wheel, but the width and height. The skinnier a tire, the less rolling resistance. The taller a wheel, the lower number of times it has to spin to go a given distance. So, 17’s with a 4″ contact patch should, theoretically, get better mileage (on the same car) than a 16″ wheel with a 7″ contact patch.

  14. >(which I think was my favorite technique). It’ll be interesting to see how the car reacts with these Yokohama tires.

    Lift off oversteer with the Yoko’s, once warmed up, is actually quite easy to achieve if you have the right corner for it 😉 I’m told it’s not the fastest way through a corner, but it sure is fun!

  15. I agree. I’ve got Yoko’s on my S Lites and, while they grip much better than Euphori@’s, the rear will brake loose on lift off…at least with my H-Sport swaybar. It’s a bit scary at first but easily controllable.

  16. Enjoyed your Episode on OEM wheels…must share you something I just picked up at the bookstore…Grassroots – Motorsport April 2006 issue…cover story on improving handling of a Mini by Peter Schroeder…highlights follow…FYI…

    “Even a street car will benifit from new tires, as the Mini’s factory-specified run-flat designs ride rough and have lackluster traction…the Mini is an excellent handling front-wheel car from the get go…credit the light weight, plus wide track and a nice,firm suspension…switching the stock tires for high grip alternatives is a move that will net the enthusiast the most bang for the buck…Cooper benefits the most from wheel and tire ugrades…the factory setup may be fine for the average commuter, but the pieces really don’t live-up to the car’s potential…lighter aftermarket wheels are a smart choice for anyone wishing to improve their Mini’s performance…improving both acceleration and handling…probably the best general purpose wheel option is a 16×7 inch size aftermarket wheel…”

    (Much of the comments, options and experience matched your technical evaluations.)

    The article goes on to address increasing performance for more serious Mini enthusiasts who attend trackdays and sanctioned events. Various tire recommendations were provided for various size wheels, wheel brands were mentioned, tire air pressure tuning, suspension alignment adjustments suggested, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars and driver seats. “…bottom line, with just a few tweaks you will turn your Cooper into a track demon…”

    Stay tuned, the next area to be addressed by Grassroots Motorsports will be under the bonnet…power performance upgrades to the 1.6L motor.

    Keep up the good work, much appreciated!

  17. Hi, I’m one of Robert’s friends from Montreal

    Between the two MCS i’ve owned I’ve run a few different combinations:

    17″ S-Lites on Euphorias 205/45/17
    17″ S-Lites on Yok ES100s 215/45/17
    16″ X-Lite on Euphorias 205/50/16
    17″ OZ Superleggeras on Hankook Z211 205/45/17
    15″ OZ Superleggeras Toyo RA1s 225/50/15
    15″ OEM Holies on Goodyear UltraGrip Winters 195/50/15

    The transformation of the car from 24lb S-Lites to 10.5lb 15″ OZs is incredible. From acceleration to braking to overall handling the difference is very noticeable. You are losing a big chunk of unsprung weight. I remember reading somewhere on NAM that the difference between a 17lb wheel and a 13lb wheel feels like you are carrying an extra 60lbs in the car. A friend of mine has a same build week MCS running S-Lites vs my 17″ OZs on the street and driving the two cars back to back is like night and day!

    Great Show Guys!

  18. Another note regarding the BMW 330i. A friend who is a BMW service tech says that the new 3 series suspension was designed specifically for the runflats. Everyone has been raving about the handling dynamics. I’m curious as to how the car feels with traditional tires. Thoughts?

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