Woofcast #412

We are car talking fools tonight, just as soon as we finish talking about the weather, of course. News from MotoringFile, especially Gabe’s take onRoadster he got to drive last week. That turned into a talk about JCW and wheels, among other things.

Finishing up with some AskChad. Keep those questions coming in gang! Also, if you are heading to the dragon, both Chad and Todd have space available if you are looking for a great mod for your MINI or need some graphics. Todd’s even running a special on factory bonnet stripe replacement! Check it out!

Woofcast 412:

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  1. Hey WRR, I’m getting caught up with some older episodes of WRR (yup, I’m that guy) and after listening to countless Ask Chad featurettes during my recent commutes through Boston I had a question. Has there ever been the means/time/thought of having a system to provide follow ups to the questions/issues asked? If any of you have listened to Click and Clack on CarTalk on NPR (a Boston (Cambridge-really) produced show) they sometimes followup on the more interesting/challenging problems. I thought about this when Chad answered the question regarding an R53 not being able to shift. I had the same problem with my 2006 R53 whereas the shift cable was binding especially after it rained. I always thought it was contributed by the DDM CAI I had because at least once a year either the low frequency, high frequency or both horns had to be replaced and I suspected a leak of some kind. I would love to hear if it was the shift cable that was this owners issue. The MotoringFile hosts taking bets on Chad’s thoughts on the fix or some similar activity could be fun. There have been countless items I’ve agreed with Chad but a few others where I just raise an eyebrow and shake my head so it would be fun to find out what the resolution was.

    1. That’s a great idea Jason! We’ve gotten a ton of suggestions of things to improve Ask Chad, but we haven’t had the chance to implement them. This is one that should be easy. I’ll get with the boys to see what we can do!

      Thanks for the feedback!

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