Woofcast #415

Starting off right away talking about the next Company Car that you can see above and read all about here. We all agree it looks pretty sweet and are excited for a chance to drive it. Good chance you will get to see this car during MTTS, but no promises. Finishing off with the rest of the news from Motoringfile.com.

Shout-outs and silliness make up the rest of the show. Listen passed the end credits this time. _Trust me_.

Woofcast 415:

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  1. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. Like to keep my cars as long as they will last. “till the wheels fall off” I think one commenter wrote. I guess the part of the question was how long will that be on a mini? I’m currently driving a ’98 Toyota Rav4 and the thing just keeps on going. I bought it used with 45k on it and now it has 160k… and it’s still going. If the mini will do the same then the used mini is the clear choice for me.

    I head DB mention that he has 250k on his Cooper. Can others speak to the longevity of their MINIs? I’m looking at a Clubman S probably. I’ve heard the S is definitely the way to go with the clubman because of the increased body weight… feel free to chime in on this as well.

    Thanks again for all the help,


    1. Thanks Tim!

      I haven’t heard of many R5X cars going beyond 150k yet, but they are out there. You might want to check with your local club, motoringalliance.com or northamericanmotoring.com.

      Also, on the Clubman, you should really drive the Cooper before outright dismissing it. Performance is on-par with the hardtop, as is the mileage. And, personally, I’d rather have it without a turbo for longevity, but I do drive my cars until the wheels fall off. 258,000 and still going strong, hopefully to replace it with a Cooper Clubman when the time comes.

      1. Thanks DB… I don’t know much about Turbos… You think that the cooper without the turbo would have a longer lifespan? I’m in the high desert in southern California. It was recommended by the salesman at Mini of Ontario that I might actually see better mileage going up and down the mountain with the S model clubman, but I think I might sacrifice a little performance for longevity .. but not too much.

        Looking forward to getting rid of this Toyota and getting into my Clubman. 🙂

  2. So the reason I wanted to visit the WRR web site yesterday was too leave a comment regarding the joke about French people. You guys are lucky I have a good sense of humor but that is still a very bad cliché. It’s like saying you Americans are all fat and only eat hamburgers…I’m probably the only French listener anyway…

    1. But all Americans are fat and only eat hamburgers. Check out any of my most recent photos for further proof.

      Point taken. Thank you for your feedback Alexandre.

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