Woofcast #417

News from Motoringfile, including an interview with Rob Pasaro, Head of the BMW App Center Mountainview. And as Todd prepares for his actual birthday celebration, he continues his quest to remind you of famous people who were born this month.

Moving on to Ask Chad, one of the questions was about Cooper exhuast systems. The ones we mentioned in this episode are the Megan Racing, Magnaflow and the Borla. Since we are talking Cooper, we also have a bead on a JCW Sound Kit for the R50 if you are interested. You can hear Todd’s original review here.

Woofcast 417:

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4 replies on “Woofcast #417”

  1. I’ve had both the JCW Sound Kit (on my old R50) and the Megan Racing exhaust (on my current R50). For the money, I would go for the JCW Sound Kit again. It sounded much better and was much better quality.

    I still live my Megan exhaust, but it’s showing some signs of wear. Being one of the early adopters, I have a version that doesn’t hang well. It falls to the right a bit. Plus, the interior resonance is a bit too much at times. I also need to have the hangers checked, because there’s a horrible rattle coming from that area.

  2. I was all set to buy a Megan exhaust for my 2002 Cooper until I took a drive in a friends car with one installed. It was too loud for me and would resonate with the interior at highways speeds.
    I spent the extra money for the Borla and have been very happy in the couple years I’ve had it now.

    To me, the Borla is a bit louder and deeper sounding than stock, and there there is a step up in the sound level above 3500 or so RPM, so it is comfortable for cruising around town and under 70mph or so on the highway but gets loud above that for when you are playing.

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