Woofcast #42

EDIT…This show has been fixed and the feed has been updated. Sorry for the trouble.

Sorry for the delay. db took his son to Disneyland for his birthday. Anyway, lets get to it!

We discussed some numbers, Todd shaving his head and db keeping everyone on track. Plus we reviewed our first audio comment left at (206) 33-WHITE! Todd can’t make the dragon and will be looking for free beer in Vegas for his birthday. db might be able to make it to the dragon, but probably not. If you are looking for info on the MC40, do a search on Motoringfile. Gabe says the seats are covered, Todd doesn’t think so. Finally, db and Gabe spend some time talking about BMW’s.

And we covered some news of the week:

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Todd did the hard part
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9 replies on “Woofcast #42”

  1. Also sorry for the lost comments.

    As much as I would LOVE to blame the folks at feedburner, this time it was all db. That’s what happens when I try to post a show that late after spending a day with the mouse I suppose.

    It has been corrected. You might have to deleted 42 from iTunes, but if you wait, it will be there.

  2. This comment was left by Drew:

    I also purchased my MINI from Kanauz, their quick service, friendly service is not that common, I’ve been to a dozen dealers and never found anyone thatg compares, they are the model by which all other dealers should follow. I long to return to Chicago area, even just to stop by every week, say hi chat with the SA and get the car wash.
    I like the volume “at eleven” really helps when I’m listening on my laptop.
    And can you talk a little about helmets, harness, tech preps for days at autocross, Phil Wicks schools, etc. focused toward the daily driver who goes to the track every few months?

  3. I have absolutely nothing against BMW…but I want to hear about MINIs, not BMWs.



  4. >The volume is good… but im not finding it on iTunes.

    Open iTunes.
    Click the Podcast link on the left.
    scroll down about 1/2. There is a search box on the left.
    Type MINI Cooper in the box and press enter.

    Or, click here

    Apologies for the link in the shownotes. I’m not sure why, but it is not working. I have corrected it

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