Woofcast #428

It’s event season under the White Roof gang! For you tonight we have some prime stuff from AMVIV 9 during the pool party. You should have been there! Grand Pobah Jules has completed her write with links to tons of photos here. New window when you click, so no excuses!

We also get to interview Michael Johnston one more time about what he plans for MTTS. If you are a cyclist or a runner, you are going to want to check it out! he will be riding 10 miles on 4 different days and running a 5k in LA. Full details on the MTTS Home page. You also want to keep an eye on the Clubs & Dealers page since that will be shaping up all the way until the event starts! Lots of cool stuff, especially if you are in Northern California.

Todd and I will be going all the way. Will you? Will you at least be going as far as Chicago? If so, could we interest you in a little White Roof Radio Live? With Gabe, Nathaniel, Chad, Todd and I? You know you want it. More details to follow as soon as possible!

Woofcast 428:

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